Japanese Arts

Japanese Art is based on “WABI-SABI” culture. “WABI-SABI” is aesthetic, and it is to find beauty from simple daily life object.

Japanese Architecture (Sukiyazukuri Tea room): Reflecting calm, small space with few windows which separates from daily. “Su-ki” means taste, asymmetry and empty.

Sukiyazukuri Tea room

Japanese Garden: Is meant to give you a sense of the seasons, quietness and cleanliness. (Using of the natural scenery around it, such as rocks, sand, tree and moss.)

Japanese garden

Craft Works: Pottery, Ironware, Woodwork, Lacquer, Textile.

Tea tools

Oriental Arts: Calligraphy, Ink Painting. (Kakejiku is the theme of the ceremony on that day)

Kakejiku is the theme of the ceremony on that day

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