Hello, my name is Soryo, SAWAKAI Representative. I belong to HAYAMI-RYU which is one of tea schools in Japan. Sotatsu Hayami (1739-1809), the founder of HAYAMI-RYU, proposed “Sado is bond of mind.” Our role is to pass on his teachings to the next generation.

There are many ways of drinking the tea in the world for example English tea which is fermented or semi fermented tea. In comparison there is green tea which has no fermentation. The origin on the tea itself is coming from the origin of the one kind of the tree. We imagine that the world is ONE WORLD in the enjoyment and relaxation of drinking tea.

We wish to introduce the tea ceremony to everyone so it can unite the world in this beautiful ceremony.

The name of SAWAKAI has deep meaning for us reflecting the peace and harmony. It consists of 3 Kanji (Chinese character).

SA – is tea, WA – is harmony, KAI – is group.

Sawakai SA - WA - KAI


SAWAKAI Representative Soryo Nakano

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